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Water Town Swim School specializes in swim lessons for children starting at 4  months old to 4 years old.  We do not view swimming solely as a sport of getting from point A to point B but rather as one of the best way to really maximize a child’s potential.  You see, research has proven that early swim lessons help a child develop mentally, physically, intellectually, and even socially.

Children who are involved in early swim lessons not only have a larger vocabulary than children who do not take early swim lessons, but typically have higher IQs, better fine motor skills and much more.  Plus swimming is the only sport that can actually help save your child’s life one day. It’s a lifelong skill that will help whether at a hotel vacation, a school pool, or at the beach.

Maria Di Fiore Solanki has been swimming for over 30 years and teaching swimming in the US for more than 15 years now.  She worked on her BA and MA in psychology with a focus on child development and uses decades of research to develop specific activities that help children reach their target while not even realizing they are learning through music, games, and playing with toys.  This fun filled experience is so unique to India and we are happy to be able to bring this to you !