Are you interested in getting India’s most popular swim classes at your public or private pool?  Here is some information to help you proceed forward.

Public Venue

If you would like your hotel, club or even home pool to host our classes and you agree to allow any child, regardless if they are a member, then please email us for contract details.  The person in charge of making the decision at the venue should email us directly so we can spare any waste of time.

We are very strict with chlorine and pH levels so if you feel it would be too complicated to maintain perfect pH and chlorine this will not be a match as we will deduct and penalize venues who do not maintain perfect pH resulting in us canceling classes.  We do not approve all venues for our swim classes and the process can be very difficult to get approval.  Please realize if we do not feel welcomed to a venue then we will pass on it immediately.  We believe in our services and are looking for likeminded hotels/venues who want to add to their offerings.  

We bring a wonderful clientele to locations who often times purchase additional services whether drinks and dining, room stay, membership, or spa services on top of attending our swim classes.  Many hotels have greatly appreciated the additional high revenue generated from our classes so it is very important that a hotel truly wants Water Town at their location and is eager to support and offer assistance when needed and maintain optimal pool hygiene.

For private classes:

Currently, Water Town Swim School coaches do not offer private classes unless you purchase all 7 spots in a class AND you travel to the pool Water Town designates.  If you would like Water Town to come to your pool, then you would need to book a minimum of 2 hours.  2 hours can host a maximum of four classes, that are 30 minutes long and each class can hold 7 children, for a total of 28 children in 2 hours.  Furthermore, these children should be similar in age.  We should not put a 4 month old with an 8 year old in a class.  Generally, these are good class age ranges:   4months to 18months, 1 to 2.5y
2.5y to 5y, 3y to 6y, 5y to 9y.
The cost for 2 hours starts at Rs.35000 per two hours.  We suggest booking at least 12 classes in a 3 week period.  12days (2 hours each) x rs.35000

Plus GST would give you your total

Additional travel expenses may apply depending on your location.